The Story

A little more about Fictive Fair's beginning . . .

The Short Version:

Joe and Sam have been irrevocably linked through mawwiage for 8 years. Sam is a stay at home mom and home schools their kids. Joe has a full time job in IT and recently received discharge from the Marine Corps Reserves. They have been in crunch mode since they can remember. They married young and started their family right away like crazy people.

In years prior, each took some of their interests and skills to start creating marketable products or run websites or fund some other thing. They each dabbled in projects and hobbies. Some things worked and some didn't. A whole lot flopped altogether. They always had discussions of a self-sufficient business they could run themselves - together. It always felt out of reach: not enough time or education or financing. Their hope for running their own business slowly began to become a real opportunity when they dug deeper. The opportunity just needed to be created

They were consistently working 2-3 jobs, looking for extra possibilities for side income, and trying out their endless ideas to keep their lives comfortably afloat. In early 2016, they had started the process for an international adoption. They needed ways to intentionally raise the funds for the adoption. Sam applied for jobs and side gigs first while Joe worked overtime. When extra jobs didn't work out they looked more seriously at other options. Fundraisers and direct sales came into play. These always felt short of what they imagined they could establish independently. It felt like holding up a lot of props when they could be doing much more.

Simply wanting to efficiently combine all of the successful hobbies and projects brought years of discussions and fantasizing to fruition. Both of them are taking unique views, talents, skills, and interests to build this together. Rather than the typical late night chats and tweaking the ideas jotted on paper - they decided to really plan. Instead of having 5 or 6 different projects pulling them in different directions - they could conspire to combine everything into one collective, meaningful brand. A brand that would not only represent their unique stories - the ordinary and extraordinary - but allow others to express their stories in turn as well.

It all began with art printables and t-shirts then it evolved with accessories, homewares, and the fidget project.

The vision was transformed into an active plan which is becoming a reality. This website you are on is just the very beginning of it's evolution into the complete vision they've been digging into for years. They hope to share the things they love with others. They imagine the pieces and material and art that is part of their story being a part of yours too. In the midst of the connections being made between products and people and finding common ground there is even more to be done.

Sam and Joe are taking the opportunity to use their business to financially propel and support important organizations and endeavors that have captured their hearts. Becoming parents, working hard for their marriage, losing a baby to miscarriage, starting an adoption, losing the match of a baby boy in Sierra Leone with profound special needs, and going on to pursue the adoption of a little girl in Eastern European with Down Syndrome has changed their world. The desire and goal is to have an impact on the things that are most important to them and others.

Some of the Vital Organizations & Unique Endeavors We Actively Support

- Best Friends Animal Society -


- Save the Children -

- Special Books By Special Kids -

- Together We Rise  -

- Our Adoption -

- Other's Adoptions and Reece's Rainbow -

We are working on relaunching our small fundraising program for other families. Come back soon for more details!




Samantha Siebold


P.S. Follow me over on my personal instagram and blog facebook. I'm a wife and mama 110% of the time. I love sharing and connecting about that part of life with everyone too!